Rehearsal Details

    Wednesday 7.40pm – 9.40pm

    2000 Centre,
    St John’s Rd,
    Hedge End,
    SO30 4AF

We meet every Wednesday evening in Hedge End, though we have a break from rehearsals in the
summer and again at Christmas.

Our rehearsals with Simon Irwin, our Musical Director. are always fun, and we enjoy getting to
grips with the huge variety of music that we perform. Although members are issued with music it’s
no obstacle if you don’t read music (only around half of our members do) however, a sense of pitch
is important. When you join us you will be provided with digital files of the line you will be singing in
each song which makes it far easier to learn the music.

Use the Contact page to get in touch with our Membership Secretary for more information and to arrange a visit to rehearsal.